Life in a new land

So, we’ve moved to a new land.

My job took us 1000 miles south, and of the many wondrous people and things we left behind, one of them was our Scrum Wall. The wall of cards around which we met every morning, quickly and efficiently listing our accomplishments, goals and roadblocks. The cards that cataloged the dozens of chores, homework assignments and recurring “stuff” we needed to get done before the week was out.

We need it back.

Six months in to a new school and new patterns of life, we are adjusting quite well. The kids have friends, who come and go most weekend nights for sleepovers. They are doing well enough at school.

Increasingly, as the new becomes the familiar, we have all begun to long for something. We are getting increasingly tired of remembering the night before a paper is due. There’s a volcano project due sometime in the next few weeks. Who’s day for litter box is it? It’s wearing on us. We miss our Scrum Wall. The order it gave to our day. For me, it gave insight into the kids’ lives. Now, I have no idea (sorry to say) who has a quiz to study for and how many nights one of them has Science homework.

Our old Scrum Wall was a true thing of beauty. I searched the web for museum quality cork. A handyman helped me install it on plywood and frame it in trim. It looked like it came with the house. And it stayed there.

Our new place is a rental, and we can’t just go modifying the joint to our needs. Even so, something must be done. Next week, the kids are off from school. Before they return, we’ve committed to having something in place. I’m going to find the painter’s tape and go back to Iteration 001. Details to follow, but I expect a smooth transition back to daily standups and weeks better measured.

Stay tuned.


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